Safety Environment

Safety and the environment in bunkering operations

Safety Environment

  • People's safety during operations.
  • At TOTAL Marine Fuels, people' safety is our main priority.
  • Carrying out our operations while minimising the risk to the    environment.
  • Safeguarding the environment is one of TOTAL Marine Fuels’    key concerns.

Our risk management involves:

  • Ensuring our service providers are very carefully  selected    and raising people's awareness with respect to Safety and     Environmental issues.
  • Monitoring their HSEQ performance on a regular basis    (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality).
  • Entering into partnerships on HSE-related issues with all   bodies involved in the supply chain (product suppliers,    haulage companies, port authorities).
  • Analysing the way in which products behave in case of any   accidental spillages in marine environments.

This is the basis of the partnership policy that TOTAL Marine Fuels establishes with its partners throughout the world.